Sep 22 2016

BRPASW Meeting on October 11, 2016

Topic:  What is your BC Program worth to your company?

Topic Description: You have decided to trade in your old BC Program for a shiny new one. What is your current program worth? Will anyone notice the scratches?

How can we put a value on a program? There isn’t a blue book for program value. Accounting people would look at your program and say it was the salary plus benefits for the employees depreciated over the lifespan. Is that how your executives view your program: another non-revenue cost center? Are you having trouble justifying a budget increase? Are you hiding from the budget axe every year? Can you justify your program’s value in terms of return on investment (ROI)?

You have to find ways to let your executives know that you provide tangible value that adds to the company’s bottom line. You have to sell yourself and your program. We will discuss ways that you are either already plugged in or how to get plugged in with the other teams in your company


Presenter:  Bobby Williams is the Director of IT Continuity and Risk Management for Fidelity Investments. He has earned his MBCP from the DRII and his MBCI from the BCI. Bobby chairs the DRII International Glossary Committee. He also serves on the NFPA 1600 Emergency Management and Business Continuity committee.

Bobby has worked in the IT industry for 25 years in technical roles, vendor education, pre/post sales engineering, disaster recovery management, and business continuity management. He earned his BSEE degree from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. Bobby retired from the Tennessee Army National Guard where he served as an artillery officer in the 196th Field Artillery Brigade.

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Sep 01 2016

Workplace Down – An Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise

The Points of Light is offering an opportunity for Non-Profit, Community and Faith Based Organizations to participate in an internet based exercise entitled Workplace Down – An Active Shooter Exercise on Thursday September 29, 2016.

This exercise will serve as an opportunity for the staff and management that make up an organization’s workplace to work through scenario information and injects dealing with an active shooter incident occurring within the office.

This exercise is FREE and open to non-profit, community based and faith based organizations.

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Jun 17 2016

DHS and FEMA Information

FEMA and its partners released the updated National Planning Frameworks for each mission area: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. The National Planning Frameworks, which are part of the National Preparedness System, set the strategy and doctrine for building, sustaining, and delivering the core capabilities identified in the National Preparedness Goal of building a secure and resilient nation. For more information please refer to FEMA National Planning Frameworks.

The Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) has created a centralized web page called Hometown Security, to make it easier and more efficient for the public to find free useful community tools and resources about security protective measures. The Hometown Security page includes existing incident-preparedness tools as well as new resources including the attached fact sheet to help direct small and mid-sized business to free tools and resources. For more information please refer to DHS Hometown Security.

Oct 01 2009

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